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While growing up in Europe as a kid in the 1950’s , my toys were all Dinkey toys and I already had a taste for American cars.

My favorite toy was a turquoise and cream 1960 Chevy El Camino.I once traded it with my neighbor’s son with his Dinkey Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.I thought it was a great deal , but his father did’nt think so , so we swapped back.I think that was my first car deal and I still have the El Camino ; orig. owner , orig. paint ! In my teens I drove big finned Chryslers while living in Canada and when back in Holland in the 1970’s, I started peddling U.S. cars on the side like Lincoln Mark IV’s, Chevy Blazer’s etc.By 1979, I exported my first cars from the US to Europe and started going back & forth, selling most before they even hit the port of Rotterdam.

I eventually formed my dealership in ft.Lauderdale, started buying & selling in the U.S. as well as abroad and built up a excellent worldwide reputation for being a straight up, honest businessman while making a lot of new friends. Retired in 2016, but “ having cars in my blood”and clients still calling me, I still broker some here and there or act as a consultant.

Feel free to ask my assistance regarding selling or purchasing your rolling work of art !


WE CAN MARKET YOUR CAR IN MANY WAYS : discretely, by offering it to our many regular customers all over the globe, or on our website and in prof. magazines, or represent you in negotiating a fair salespercentage at one of the public classic car auctions which I've attended for 28 years and have great connections with, handle all logistics like transport, getting a good salesno. at the right venue, detailing the car etc., making sure it's in good mechanical condition and represent it on the block. Just look at the pictures of the De La Haye we sold in Arizona for a European customer. We shipped it from Europe to U.S., Imported it, prepped it, transported it to Arizona and sold it through a major auction house with a very nice profit; everybody very happy!   

WE CAN CONSIGN YOUR CAR WHERE EVER LOCATED : while it's in your garage ( on our website , or by private treaty ) or , we can have it in our secured and airconditioned showroom as well , which gives it the advantage of customers being able to see it in person.

PURCHASING ANY CAR ANYWHERE : We can assist you in inspecting and purchasing any car you wish , whether it's one you've already located , or one you're still searching for. We're licensed and bonded, and can act as an escrow agent if needed.

LOGISTICS : We can assist you getting anything on wheels to and from pretty much anywhere on the Globe using our excellent connections we have built up during the last 28 years , whether it's by Truck, Train Ship or Airplane.

SELL US YOUR CAR : I will pay you cash for your collector car, or even purchase your whole collection regardless of where it is located on the globe. Try me, I'm very fair, and I'll do what I say I'm going to do, which is rare these days. Please call me at 954-525-0600 to discuss. I speak English, Ik spreek Nederlands, Je parle Francais, Ich spreche Deutsch.

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